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A professional fashion week has a special social importance because it enjoys global interest and attractiveness specific to projects with qualified multi-disciplinary organization. All those who have been in the great fashion capitals have found that a Fashion Week is treated as a celebration in the communities in which it unfolds.
    Between 8-10 of June 2018, the city of Iasi was again host of Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Creative Industries Festival, event that reached this summer 6th edition.
    The royal premiere collections presented in the second evening in Kasta Morrely Fashion Week 2018 started with the designer LENA CRIVEANU. The Project Lena is an approach for the woman in the business environment to keep her refinement and grace in any business.
    The second day of the festival continued with a moment dedicated to the little ones. ANDREEATEX is a 100% Romanian children's workshop. At present, all ANDREEATEX clothing outfits have a qualified creative team behind them, a production workshop with experience, passion and continuous work to achieve excellence.
    MINELI has launched the 10th anniversary collection to celebrate its 10 years of activity in the shoe universe. The promise made by the designer IONUT GLAVAN remains unchanged even after 10 years: reinterpreting the latest trends and celebrating the beauty every day.
    BETTY ICE is a popular ice cream brand. BETTY BLUE with fruits from Bucovina forests is not just a delicious ice cream, it is also a muse for fashion designers. Mannequins in standards have presented the collection dedicated to the main partner Kasta Morrely Fashion Week, BETTY ICE, inspired by the chromaticity and texture of ice cream cone with berries.  Ballerinas and gymnasts world champions have masterfully complemented the visual flavor of this moment of Fashion Theater®.
    MARIAN ISTRATE Custom Tailoring debuted on the stage of Creative Industries Festival. The company realizes men's made-to-measure clothing, which wants to satisfy even the most demanding and bold tastes. The lines of Marian Istrate Custom Tailoring ceremony are characterized by creativity and versatility, adding to the elegance and refinement of each man's image.
    ALEXANDRA CALAFETEANU presented the collection "Homage at Sissy". The imperial and modern times met in a story about authentic values, art, beauty, and the guests of the festival were invited to enter the fascinating world of Empress Elisabeth of Austria and the Queen of Hungary.
    THE NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF ARTS GEORGE ENESCU DIN IASI presented the collection "Mythologies" composed of clothing pieces created by leading students from the first and second year of Fashion Design of the Faculty of Visual Arts and Design. The authors are: Irina Biciuev, Alexandra Ungurean, Ioana Dumitras, Geanina Ciobanu, Bianca Rusu, Bianca Marian, Natalia Burlacenco, Teodora Lupu, Paula Cuzic, Iuliana Streba. They were at the festival under the guidance of Mrs. Cristina Hirtescu, lecturer.
    DANI KRISTINE is a fashion brand from Republic of Moldova, dedicated to children and mothers with style, which presented for the first time the most recent collection. Dani Kristine produces clothes and accessories for everyday events and festive occasions. A team of dedicated and passionate fashion designers for children collaborates on design, production, distribution and sales through their own network.
    Kasta Morrely Fashion Week continued with a moment in premiere on the podium of a fashion festival. The PEGAS brand was created in 1972 and reinvented in 2012. Six years after the Pegas revival, the brand featured a selection of bicycles for the nostalgia of yesterday's kids and the joy of today's. Mobility, efficiency, and appearance blend perfectly in Pegas bikes. Adaptation to current needs is a desideratum, and the collection of bicycles and electric vehicles is Pegasus's firm response to today's demands.
    The second evening of the sixth edition of the Creative Industries Festival ended in a fulminating way with the presentation of the designer CRISTIANA MARIA PURDESCU. In the collection "The Violet Dream", Cristiana Maria Purdescu, poet, visual artist and doctor in Plastic and Decorative Arts, reinterprets in a modern fashion classic elements taken from the fashion of the 50s. The collection created a romantic, artistic, refined and elegant air, the color gamut being restricted to different shades of purple, the color of the year 2018.
    The goal of promoting the image of the community and its values under  Kasta Morrely Fashion Week project is to promote volunteering, active citizenship and the civilizing role of the creative industries.
    Organizers and main partners: Kasta Morrely Association, BETTY ICE Company and Iasi City Hall.


It is notorious that international fashion festivals organized professionally represent a guaranteed way and with unparalleled global impact in promoting a community that loves prosperity. The city of Iasi is once again host of Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Creative Industries Festival. The 6th edition of the biennial event takes place between 8th and 10th June 2018 at the Polyvalent Hall in Iasi.
 For those who do not know, an essential contribution to the materialization of a professional fashion festival is conferred  by the almost military rigidity of the organization.
 The current edition of the Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Creative Industries Festival has begun with a world premiere at an international fashion festival dedicated to the GREAT UNITY CENTENNIAL, made by the Mechanized Brigade Fanfare 15 "Podu Inalt" Iasi.
 The marathon of the exceptional collections presented at Kasta Morrely Fashion Week started with a special guest from Istanbul, the brand IN COUTURE BY KIWI. In Couture is a fashion company, made up of a group of international designers coordinated by Mohammed Alselka. The company owns a chain of stores around the world, with approximately 185 points of sale in the world's most important fashion centers and markets.
 ANDALEYA from Republic of Moldova launched the latest collection of the brand. Minimalism, refinement and elegance define Andaleya brand. The designer INGA DOBRAS creates for modern women, both career and image-minded, who want to shine through education and style.
 Kasta Morrely Fashion Week continued with a FASHION THEATER® moment performed by KASTA MORRELY KIDS members. The purpose of Kasta Morrely Kids non-formal education program is to train and develop each child's self-confidence, spontaneity, ability to communicate and respect for team spirit.
 SIMODA BY SIMONA VASILIU has released its new collection entitled "Shining Dreams". The collection treats women's vision of themselves when it comes to attending a reception, enjoying the pleasure of shining like on the red carpet. In the 18 years of experience, Simoda By Simona Vasiliu has implemented her own style, captivating through fine and decent details, but letting her imagination work.
 The fashion designer ADRIANA AGOSTINI creates unique collections every year, most of them being noted on the stage of fashion festivals abroad. The fashion collection launched by Adriana Agostini at this Kasta Morrely Fashion Week edition is a true pro-feminine manifestation that favors the idea that ambitious women are just as powerful as men, but refined at the same time.
 SEROUSSI is a brand that continuously strengthens the partnership in solving the wishes and demands of the modern young man, but also of the classic tastes. In the collection presented at Kasta Morrely Fashion Week, SEROUSSI IASI representative answered the question "What does a gentleman carry at a special event?". The first choice is usually a classic, black, with a sharpened or round lapel. The options continue with summer jackets, mixed and match or casual wear in a variety of colors, measures, cuts according to preferences, body shape and trends.
 The well-known local brand JULIA TOADERS presented for the first time a collection that surprised the audience, due to the unique designer's style of emphasizing the beauty of the female features. Having a passion for design since childhood, the designer has focused his training on this profile from an early age, with the latest studies being completed in London.
 Kasta Morrely Fashion Week is also a framework for active engagement, self-expression, gaining specialized experience, and a public display environment for the creativity of early career youngsters in the creative industries. NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF ARTS GEORGE ENESCU from Iasi presented the collection "Rectilinium", consisting of clothing ensembles created by the leading students from the first and second year of Fashion Design . The authors are: Octavian Marina, Ecaterina Hodorca, Sorina Ionita, Irina Biciuev, Diana Danila, Alexandra Ungurean. Iuliana Streba, Paula Cuzic, Natalia Burlacenco and Oana Haras.
 "Antithesis" is the mother-child casual collection that SAHRA DESIGN brand presented for the autumn - winter season 2018/2019. The designer from Constanta INA ELA ISMAIL designer has made an exquisite antithesis between the hardness of khaki shades specific to the military style sweetened with the fragility of the handsome and delicate poppy flower hand-painted by the fashion creator.
 The special guest of Kasta Morrely Fashion Week 2018 was BERREZZO brand from Republic of Moldova. The designer JANNA BEREZOVSCAIA produces exclusive hand-made clothing for educated people who appreciate their own style and individuality. The collection presented was dedicated to stylish women who go fashionable and catch all the looks through their original outfits.
 Organizers and main partners: Kasta Morrely Association, BETTY ICE Company and Iasi City Hall.

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Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Festival, fifth edition, took place from 8 to 10 December 2017 in the high-class atmosphere of Bizantiq Iasi.
Kasta Morrely is a name that belongs to the history of creative industries development. Thanks to the importance of the results of Kasta Morrely research team, Iasi City was able to boast a true celebration of the creative industries. Through the International Festival Kasta Morrely Fashion Week, were celebrated last year 10 years since the achievement of the legalized Occupational Standard of Mannequin and this year 10 years since the legalized Occupational Standard of Events Organizer.
The third evening Kasta Morrely Fashion Week autumn / winter 2017 was opened by two special guests from REP. MOLDOVA namely: MORPHINE BRAND in collaboration with the designer LILIA CARAUSH.
MORPHINE is the brand of women's clothes created by the extravagant Ekaterina Sergeevich. The brand creates clothing collections devoted to courageous women, who "go with fashion" and want to attract all the looks through unusual outfits. Morphine is the only brand in Rep. Moldova who has exposed its avant-garde creations in Milan's fashion events.
LILIA CARAUSH is a renowned designer in Moldova and abroad for the accessories she creates, namely the diadems. Through its creations, the designer highlights the elegant attitude of each woman, transforming it into a true queen.
The third evening continued with the designer NATALIA MANZA from CRAIOVA, who presented an impressive collection of bridal and evening dresses. Their particularity lies in the charm that is transmitted through exclusive cuts and embroidery, expensive fabrics, natural silk, and hand-embroidery - with Swarovski crystals, natural pearls, precious stones, Japanese beads, and delicate flowers that adorn these creations, giving them a versatile accent.
At the third moment of the evening, the elite children of KASTA MORRELY KIDS High Society Training Program presented a Fashion Theater moment "The Rose of Innocence". The program Kasta Morrely Kids, through its non-formal education techniques discovers, develops skills in children and teen to become future successful people. Following the results of involvement in such non-formal activities, it was found a strong beneficial effect that no other form of education could materialized it with the same success rate.

PROMESSE BY SANDA from CHISINAU has released the latest ready-to-wear collection. The brand strives for any woman to be able to express her inner beauty through light, casual-elegant gowns.
The next moment of the festival was dedicated to men fashion. The SEROUSSI brand again opted for quality and creativity, combining classic and modern concepts, comfort with refinement in a subtle combination. The fabrics used are 100% of the best quality wool, as well as in different combinations of silk or mohair, always resulting in elegant, comfortable and affordable suits.
DELIA LAZAR - the designer of DAHLIA COUTURE has launched a collection of jewels and evening dresses at Kasta Morrely Fashion Week. L'UNIQUE BIJOU depicts the passion for beauty in forms, colors and texture. The attention to detail is mirrored in the passion invested in each piece - artwork. Every creation is actually a story. A story woven from emotions, dedication, fine textures, lights and inspiration.
BERREZZO from CHISINAU presented a modern collection of elegant dresses with leather jackets, embroidered heads and minimalist handbags. Designer JANNA BEREZOVSCAIA produces exclusive hand-made clothing for people who appreciate style and individuality.
The fifth edition of Kasta Morrely Fashion Week ended with a spectacular moment dedicated to BETTY ICE brand, the main partner of the festival. The most beautiful Kasta Morrely models presented with a moment of Fashion Theater® the new winter range from Betty Ice - titled BETTY WHITE. The first product of the range launched is Cheesecake with strawberries.
In this last presentation Kasta Morrely Fashion Week autumn / winter 2017, ELITE MARIAJ launched an impressive collection of bridal gowns, AMANDA DI VELLI BRIDAL - URBAN CHIC, which awakened the audience with admiration.
At the end of the evening, the presenters thanked those who made possible the 5th edition of KASTA MORRELY FASHION WEEK to be held successfully, with a total of 70 partner companies and 30 top designers, over 100 mannequins in the Occupation Standard and over 150 specialists, artists and volunteers.
After the parade of the creative industries profesionals who represented the backstage of the festival, ANA HRISCU (Executive President of Kasta Morrely Association) and BOGDAN SUMULANSCHI (Kasta Morrely Presenter) invited the audience to the ending reception of Kasta Morrely Fashion Week 5th editon, organized at Fenice Palas Restaurant in Iasi.

Organizer: Kasta Morrely Association
Main partner: BETTY ICE



Between 8 and 10 December 2017, the 5th edition of Kasta Morrely Fashion Week reunited 30 fashion designers and top designers at Bizantiq Iaşi. They chose to launch their collections at the festival organized by specialists that belong to the history of creative industries development.

Kasta Morrely Fashion Week, being a recognized brand for its national and international utility, is the only event in Romania that is organized, as it is well known, by specialists with authority for the legalized occupations of Events Organizer and Mannequin.

The second evening of Kasta Morrely Fashion Week anniversary festival was opened by a special guest from PORTUGAL. The Fashion House A MONTRA VIP has been returning for the third time consecutively on Kasta Morrely stage to present the 2018 collection for the first time in the world. A MONTRA VIP collaborates with various international designers from France, England, Spain, Germany, Italy and USA, offering ladies and gentlemen a generous range of cuts, materials and styles of clothing.

In the continuation of the festival's evening, TULLERIE by OANA STROICI from SUCEAVA launched its collection of bridal dresses. Designer Oana Stroici's creations are made of passion for art, beauty and quality. The dresses are made of fine fabrics, of the highest quality, adapted to any silhouette, bringing feminine beauty to everyone's attention.

For the third moment of the evening, it was the turn of the little ones to be the focus of attention. The children of Kasta Morrely Kids Program have attracted generous applause, presenting the moment "Through World History with Fashion Theater®". The goal of KASTA MORRELY KIDS non-formal education program through Fashion Theater techniques is to shape and develop each child's self-confidence, spontaneity, ability to communicate, and respect for the importance of team spirit.

The only hat maker in Rep. Moldova IULIANA CHIROSCA succeeded in bringing the English spirit in Iasi on Kasta Morrely Fashion Week stage. The collection has been distinguished by London-ready ready-to-wear outfits and especially by the unique, daily-wear hats made by the designer Iuliana Chiroşca, created under the brand JULIE ANNE.

MIHU 'BOUTIQUE in CLUJ presented for the first time a collection of urban-chic t-shirts with an avant-garde tint, dedicated to escaping from the typical daily and anonymous exits. The creations signed by ANDREEA MIHUŢ, designer Mihu ', promotes a sophisticated image that expresses a uniqueness accented by the personal footprint of each piece.

MANDRIA from Republic of Moldova launched its latest collection on Kasta Morrely Fashion Week podium. Established in 2014, the project MÂNDRIA is a true promotion of the values of tradition, culture and civilization in the area of Moldova, with everything that is of high quality and universally valid. All the clothing pieces made by the handicrafts of the company "Mândria" are handmade, each ornament being unique, selected from a huge collection of traditional embroideries, owned by the designers of the project.

SAHRA DESIGN from Constanta presented for the first time at Kasta Morrely the collection called "Revival". The collection began with evening dresses in dark colors similar to the black swan, which became the white swan. The collection includes elements of nature, the designer being declared she is of an incurable romanticism. Handmade embroidery elements, such as flakes, feathers, flowers, have attracted attention and have delighted viewers.

The final of the second evening Kasta Morrely Fashion Week autumn / winter 2017 was dedicated to a young designer from BULGARIA. MEGI PETKOVA presented her previous collections at Kasta Morrely Fashion Week and Sofia Fashion Week. MP Design by Megi Petkova is the artistic framework in which fashion pursues perfection. The designer creates clothing that emphasizes femininity and is based on impeccable work to the smallest detail.

At the end of the evening, according to the tradition of such international events by Kasta Morrely, the winners of the festival raffle were awarded with prizes offered by Betty Ice, Seroussi, Kasta Morrely, Decor Line and Estel Romania.

Organizer: Kasta Morrely Association

Main partner: BETTY ICE



Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Festival, 5th edition, took place between 8 and 10 December 2017, in the location of beauty creators Bizantiq Iasi. This year, "Kasta Morrely Fashion Week Festival" cultural project celebrates 10 years since the legalization of the Occupational Standard Events Organizer conducted by the team of the research project Kasta Morrely.

The designer who opened the fifth Kasta Morrely Fashion Week is CLARA ROTESCU, a Romanian designer whose collections have been around the world. With constant presentations at major events such as Paris Fashion Week, Los Angeles Fashion Week or Vancouver Fashion Week, Clara Rotescu can be found in the most luxurious shops and galleries in Europe, the Middle East and Russia.

The first evening continued with the shoes brand MINELI. Designer IONUŢ GLĂVAN presented the collection CONFIDENCE Fall / Winter 2017, dedicated to the strong woman representative for the 21st century. The MINELI collection has also been distinguished by the addition of originality and distinction through hand-painted shoes patterns: corks, high heels shoes and over knees boots.

In the third moment of the evening, it was the turn of the little ones to win the public's applause. The children of the Kasta Morrely Kids High Society Training Program presented IRIDOR, a Romanian company founded in 2001 in Piatra Neamt, which is dedicated entirely to the manufacture of high-quality baby clothes. IRIDOR works with premium fabrics and accessories from Spain, Italy, Portugal and France.

From Republic of Moldova, designers Rodica Fortuna and Daniela Fortuna have released a superb collection on the podium of the festival. FORTUNA SISTERS has invited spectators into an exclusive fashion universe with unique and memorable gowns made of precious materials with stylish embroidery and stylish cuts in pastel colors.

The designer ANDREEA CARADJOV from Timisoara has launched her newest collection on Kasta Morrely Fashion Week stage. This new collection transposed the audience into a princely atmosphere, Andreea Caradjov wished the present woman to experience the elegance and refinement of royal dinners. Graceful and tasteful pieces of clothing have been characterized by simple lines, perfectly blended with materials such as lace, velvet, brocade or silk.

ANE FASHION from Bucharest was a new premiere on the Kasta Morrely Fashion Week 2017 stage. Ane Fashion outfits are the glamorous combination of elegance and handmade details. Love for high-quality materials and craftsmanship connects ANA MARIA VOICU designer's outfits to the versatility of the typically cosmopolitan woman.

ANDALEYA from Republic of Moldova has been remarked by the minimalism, refinement and elegance of the clothes of the fashion house. The designer INGA DOBRAŞ successfully creates for modern women, both career and image-minded, who want to be distinguished by modern office style and good taste.

The fashion studio MUZA CREATIONS Iasi launched the collection of 2018 in Iasi. Here is how her designer IULIANA STREBA describes her own creations: "MUZA is lively and in a permanent movement, both innovative and traditional, modern but also classic, thoughtful, open to challenges. "

The end of the first evening of Kasta Morrely Fashion Week was dedicated to a loving Iasi fashion house. NAFI DRESSCODE is a professional concept for all ladies and gentlemen who believe that an exclusive outfit really defines their personality. Nafi Dresscode creations combine passion with good taste, for the people wearing them to draw looks of admiration!

At the end of the evening, according to the tradition of such international Kasta Morrely events, the raffle winners of the festival were awarded with prizes offered by Betty Ice, Seroussi, Kasta Morrely, Decor Line and Estel Romania.

Organizer: Kasta Morrely Association

Main Partner: BETTY ICE

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